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Table of Content

1- Non-Invasive Indicators of Food Allergy on Children with Atopic Dermatitis. Noha N Doghaim, Enas A El-Zammarany and Moustafa Awny. Abstract

2- Assessment of Validity of Immunodiagnostic Tests in Hydatidosis and Role of Natural Anti P-Antibodies. Magda E Azab, Maimona E Bakr, Nashaat E Nassef, Hesham M Hussein, Kesmat M Maher, and Wafaa El-Kersh. Abstract

3- Evaluation of Circulating Antigens and Immune Complexes in Diagnosis of Hydatidosis. Magda E Azab, ME Bakr, NE Nassef, Hesham M Hussein, KM Maher, and W El-Kersh. Abstract

4- Role of Inflammatory Cytokines in the Pathogenesis of Bronchial Asthma. Eman Aly Rashwan, Salma Yousry, Abou El-Nazar, Nader M Mowafy and Mostafa A. Salama. Abstract

5- Comparative  Study  for  Evaluation  of  A Second Trimester  Screening  Test  for Fetal  Down’s Syndrome  Using  Single Marker Versus Double and Triple Marker Screening. Hamida Gohar, Amal Balbaa, Heba Arnaout and Omima Idris. Abstract

6- The Effect of Propofol and Midazolam on Phagocytic Activity of Polymorphonuclear Leucocyte and the Effect of Propofol on CD4 + and CD8+ T-Cells. Wafaa El Sadek, Mona Lotfy, Heba Arnaout, Marii Abd El Aziz, Amal Balbaa and Sherif Amin. Abstract

7- Etiology Of Aseptic Meningitis With Special Reference To Tuberculous Meningitis. Darwish ES, Tohami SA, Azmy WM and El-Feky MA. Abstract

8- The Role of Circulating Immune Complexes in Plasma of Schistosoma mansoni Infected Children in Modulation of Granulomatous Hypersensitivity. Zekry Y, Maklad S, Saneya Fahmy, Riad MM and  Al-Nagar B. Abstract

9- Impact of The State of Some Water Soluble Vitamins and Trace Elements on The Immune State of Children on Chronic Haemodialysis. Enas AE Daef, Farouk Alsayed Hassanein, Ekram Aly Hashem, Madeha Mhrous Zakhary and Ehab Mohamed Ahmed. Abstract

10- Tumour Necrosis Factor Alpha and Interleukin-6 as Predictors for Preterm Labour. Samia F Abdel Hakim, Nadia MY Gazer and Sohair M Abdel Halim. Abstract

11- A Study of the Correlation Between Urinary Neopterin and Knodell’s Histological Activity Index in Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection. Fatma Abd EL-Salam, SA Abdou and Atef A Ibrahim. Abstract

12- Immunogenicity of Hepatitis B Vaccine in Infants. Laila M Sherief, Abdalla M Tohamy, Mohamed M Romih and Mona R Mohammed. Abstract

13- Serum Neopterin and Soluble Interleukin-2 Receptor Levels: Indicators of T-Lymphocyte Activation in Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Enas El-Zamarany, Mai Salama, Magdy El-Masry and Abdel Megeed El Ballat. Abstract

14- Evaluation of Immunotherapy in House Dust Mite Asthma. SA Shoeb, HM Safouh, ZM Radwan and WA Mostafa N. Abstract

15- Bacille Calmette Guerin Adjuvant Effect on Vaccination of Mice with Genetically-Determined Low Responder Mice Against Trichinella Spiralis. Khalifa E Khalifa, Maha M Abou Gamra, Sahar S Abdel-Aziz and Laila M El-Hoseiny. Abstract

16- Soluble Intercellular Adhesion molecule–1 (sICAM-1) inflammatory role in chronic arthritis. Seham A Abou Shousha, Manal Y Tayel and Eman A Rashwan. Abstract

17- Peritoneal Fluid Mediated Embryotoxicity in Unexplained Female Infertility. Wafaa El-Mosallamy, Diaa El-Mowafi, El-Sayed Abdel Ghany, Emad Basiony and Umnia El-Hendy. Abstract

18- Serum Transforming Growth Factor-b1 (TGF-b1), Total Serum Immunoglobulin A, (IgA) And Immunoglobulin E, (IgE) in Smokers and The Effect of Smoking Cessation. Serag A Sadek. Abstract

19- Prophylactic Effect of Salmonella enteritidis Vaccines in Chickens. SM Aboul Saoud, SM Gergis, FR El-Seedy, Nahed I Khamis and MA Abd El-Ghani. Abstract

20- Serum Level of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF) in Children with Acute Leukemia. Ahmed K Mansour, Osama Elbaz, Zakaria El-Morsi and Nehad Shalaby. Abstract

21- Angiogenin in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Correlation With Tumor Vascularity and Proliferative Activity. Hoda A El-Aggan, Sherif E Hegab, Nahed M Baddour, Amal F Ketat. Abstract