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Antinuclear Antibody in Putatively Healthy Egyptians.
1Amina Hussein Hassab, 2Samir H. Asaad.
1Departments Of Clinical Pathology and 2Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, Egypt.

The purpose of this study was to determine the frequency of antinuclear antibodies (ANA) in normal healthy Egyptians. Sera from apparently healthy children (44) and adults (38) were tested for ANA by use of indirect immunofluoresence using HEp-2 substrate. Sera from 25 patients (adults and children) diagnosed to have an autoimmune disease were also tested. All sera were tested at four different dilutions; 1:20, 1:40, 1:80, 1:160. Healthy individuals had ANA at dilutions 1:20 & 1:40 (73.3% & 45.12%, respectively) with sensitivity & negative predictive values of 100% at 1:20 serum dilution. At serum dilution of 1:80, the sensitivity was 72%, specificity 100%, positive predictive value 100%, negative predictive value 92.1%. It is recommended to use serum dilutions of 1:20 & 1:80 to screen and detect ANAs.

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