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Study of the Interleukin Cascade in Human Schistosomiasis.
1El Sawy M., 3Loverde P.T., 2Abaza H., 1Tewfik S., 1Serry K., 1Hassab A.H., 1Rizk E., 1El-Gendy W.
Departments of 1Clinical Pathology, 2Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria, Egypt. 3Department of Microbiology, Bufflo University, USA.

Chronic Schistosomiasis mansoni is associated with modulation and regulation of the host’s immune response leading to the development of a relatively stable host-parasite relationship. Interleukins play a central role in the regulation of T-cell - dependent immune responses. We aimed in this study to estimate the overall production of interleukin -1 [IL-1] and interleukin –2 [IL-2] production in vitro [using bioassay], and IL-2 receptor bearing cells in patients with early and late S. mansoni infection. There was diminished production of IL-1 and IL-2 in all patients, marked in late cases. IL-2 bearing cells were normal in early cases, but significantly decreased in late cases. Late cases showed a suppressed specific and non-specific lympho-proliferative response. Phenotypic quantitation of T-cells in late S. mansoni cases showed a significant depletion of CD4 cells.

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