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Demonstration of HER-2 Oncoprotein In Breast Lesions In Upper Egypt And Its Relationship to Clinicopathologic Parameters.
Kamel NA; Guirguis M; and Salah El-Deen EM.
Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University.

HER-2/c-erbB-2 oncogene is believed to play a role in the initiation and progression of many tumours including breast cancer. A retrospective study was conducted on 118 specimens of various breast lesions from Upper Egypt to detect the expression of c-erbB-2 protein and its relation to the prognostic factors of breast cancer. Immunoperoxidase technique on paraffin-embedded tissues was used. Expression of this oncoprotein was detected in 44.4% of ductal breast cancer (40 out of 90) and in 20% of lobular carcinomas (2 out of 10). None of the benign lesions (15 specimens) or malignant tumours other than carcinoma (three specimens) showed any HER-2 immunoreactivity. There was a statistically significant correlation between c-erbB-2 positivity and old age (P< 0.05), presence of lymph node metastasis (P< 0.01) and ductal carcinoma in situ component (P< 0.01). There was no correlation between HER-2 expression and menopausal status or tumor grade of breast cancer. It is concluded that HER-2 oncoprotein is commonly expressed in breast cancer, and it may be an early event in the development of this cancer. The immunohistochemical demonstration of HER-2 protein in breast cancer may help to identify high risk patients.

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