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Assessment of Liver Granuloma in Schistosoma mansoni Infected and Vaccinated Mice using Cell Image Analyzer.
1Nassar MI, 2Sayed Al-Ahl S, 3Abdel Ghaffar AB and 4El-Sheikh N.
1Pathology department, Assiut University, 2Parasitology Department and 4Microbiology Department, Al-Azhar University and 3Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

The UV-irradiated S.mansoni cercariae vaccine model was used to investigate the effect of vaccination on morbidity, fertility and fecundity. The changes in granuloma size, as an indicator of change in morbidity, was assessed. Bilharzial liver granulomas from Balb /c vaccinated/challenged (V/C) and naïve/challenged (NC) mice were compared. Serial and multiple sections from different lobes of the liver were examined at eight weeks post challenge infection. The morbidity studies included analysis of the ratio between granuloma tissue/section to total tissue area /section, this was done by topographic morphometry which allows the measurement of a large specimen across multiple fields of view in a single pass using image analyzer. In addition to the number of granuloma, the net granuloma area, diameter, and the longest granuloma dimension were assessed. Results in V/C mice group showed a reduction in the mature worm burden by 62 %, an increase the male to female ratio by 1 to 3 and a reduction in the fertility and fecundity of the worm to 45%. A 30% reduction in the no. of ova/ gram intestinal tissue and stools was observed, however, there was no change in the mean no. of retained ova/ gram liver tissue. Morphological results showed no significant interlobular variations. The mean net granuloma surface area values in microns were 15403.5712749.32, and 32099.5721936. and the ova area was 1249.69852.03 and 1596.41929.71 for V/C and NC mice groups respectively. No correlation was found between the reduction in the granuloma size of vaccinated animals and the worm burden, however, it was correlated with the decreased number of viable ova production by adult S.mansoni worms inside the vaccinated group. This reduction reduced the morbidity by 47%. It is concluded that extended mode analysis by image analyzer enforce the measurement of granuloma area and viability of passed ova as an indicator for change in morbidity.

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