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Bcl-2 Oncoprotein as a Determinant to Apoptosis in Uterine Myoma.

1Diaa M. El-Mowafi and 2Umnia A. El-Hendy.

1Obstetrics and Gynecology and 2Microbiology and Immunology Departments, Benha Faculty of Medicine, Egypt.

Apoptosis is a natural physiological mechanism that leads to death of unwanted cells. Bcl-2 is a protein that inhibits apoptosis. Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between bcl-2 and estrogen-receptor expression in both normal and neoplastic breast epithelium. Many investigators have suggested that estrogen plays an important role in the development of uterine leiomyoma. In this study, we validated and evaluated ELISA to quantify bcl-2 protein in tissues of leiomyoma, myometrium from which the leiomyoma was developed and healthy control myometrium. The results were compared with that of western blot technique. Bcl-2 concentration in myomatous tissues was statistically higher than that of the control myometrium (P < 0.001). Bcl-2 was statistically higher in leiomyoma when compared to the myometrium from which the leiomyoma was developed (P < 0.001). The sensitivity of ELISA was higher than that of the western technique. It is concluded that the abundant expression of bcl-2 oncoprotein in leiomyoma relative to that of normal myometrium may be one of the molecular bases for the enhanced growth of leiomyoma. Anti-bcl-2 therapy may be used in selected cases to avoid surgical treatment of fibroids particularly if multiple and/or huge especially in infertile patients. ELISA is recommended for quantitative determination of bcl-2 concentration.