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The production and evaluation of a standard diagnostic Peste des Petits Ruminants (PPR) hyperimmune serum prepared from the Egyptian antigen (Egypt 87)

Nahed, A. Kamel; Hanan, S. Abdel-Raouf; Hanan, M.S. El-Zawahry; Laila, A. Sedeek and Fatma, S. Mahmoud

Veterinary Serum and Vaccine Research Institute, Abbasia, Cairo, Egypt.

The aim of this study was to produce a specific hyperimmune serum for diagnosis of peste des petits ruminants (PPR). Based on good laboratory practices and standard operating procedures, we produced this reagent in goats using attenuated local strain of PPRV. The quality was assured to meet the internationally required levels of potency and sterility. The titer of the product was 1024 as evaluated by virus neutralization (VN) and agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) tests. In its final form, it is a sterile disc of a lyophilized material with a pale yellow colour, placed into an evacuated, tightly capped and capsulated vial. Local availability of such a product could be of great benefit at the time of need.